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Good Morning From Grants Pass

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Golden Child, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Reedsport, Oregon
    My name is Mike. I've recently been asked to be the moderator for this site. Glad to see new members signing up! I am mainly a plane flyer, though I do have one heli and a coule of sandrails. No boats yet, unless you count my Super Cub with floats :eek:. I've been into RC since high school (many years ago!), took about 25 years off persuing life, and now back into it as much as time (and money) will allow ;). I build aluminum boats for a living and about half of my co-workers also fly. Great fun after work! I am a member of the AMA (http://modelaircraft.org/) and the Rogue Valley Flyers (http://roguevalleyflyers.com/Home.html). I fly most Sundays at Redwood School in Grants Pass, and you'll also find me at the Josephine Skypark in Kerby during RVF events. My signature plane is my Oregon Ducks F-18C EDF. If you're out and about, come up and say "hi". Always enjoy meeting new people.

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