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HeliDirect Pulse Defender Battery Backup System

Discussion in 'News' started by GPS, Aug 25, 2018.

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    Sophisticated, compact, light weight and incredibly advanced, the Pulse Defender
    is your ultimate line of defense from in flight power loss, which can lead to the complete destruction of your aircraft. With the Defender, Pulse offers the ultimate level of protection you simply should never fly without.

    Designed to defend your aircraft from destructive in flight power loss, the Pulse Defender is a battery back up system that brings simplicity to the fore, offering an ultra simplified plug and play solution with maximum levels of cutting edge safety. The Defender allows a powered off glide or auto rotation in the event of full power loss, providing crucial electrical power to your receiver, servos and flight controller.

    Features & Capabilities:

    - Power Loss Defense
    - Self Charging Simplicity
    - Millisecond Monitoring
    - Weak BEC / Transient Voltage Drop Alert
    - Power Indication LED
    - Voltage Drop Alert

    Available with or without a backup battery.

    Source HeliDirect:

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