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Amazingly Detailed Crawler

Discussion in 'Crawlers' started by GPS, Apr 13, 2015.

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    Geoff Docherty’s mindbendingly scale Chevy Silverado custom build is so detailed that it earned its own build thread on the rccrawler.com forums. Geoff started with Scale Shop flat steel frame rails, then welded lips on them to create scale C-channel rails. He installed a Generis Custom Metalworks transfer case and dropped in the RC4WD dummy V8, to which he added a handbuilt styrene alternator and water pump. Inside is an Axial brushed motor. He also carved his own scale dashboard—with backlit gauges!—out of styrene. He also bent his own wire tube headers and fabricated collectors and crafted scale floorpans. He hid his steering servo under a custom radiator shroud. The wheels are Mayhem Engineering 2.2 beadlock wheels with 1.9 tires. He even built his own functional scale hood hinges and spring-actuated hood latch. The radio compartment is hidden under the spare tire. He waterproofs the electronics by sealing them in a block of acrylic epoxy. He rounds things off with a scale interior and a full LED light set among the many other details. Geoff has dozens of photos on the thread documenting the build—be sure to check it out and be amazed at his craftsmanship.



    Read more and see additional photos via the source link below.

    Source (RC Car Action):
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