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AMain Trail Keg Storage Container w/Tool Pouch

Discussion in 'News' started by GPS, Aug 17, 2018.

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    The AMain Trail Keg is more than a container that will allow you to keep a variety of items easily accessible on the trail. The Trail Keg is a useful accessory that is perfect for hauling small tools, hardware and other trail side necessities - and is incredibly useful when you need to make a trail side repair!

    The trail keg includes a tool roll for keeping your trail tools within easy reach and organized. A small 15x1mm rare earth magnet is included that can be glued to the inside of the lid (shoe goo or double side tape works well), creating a magnetized parts holder that will help to keep small steel parts like screws or body clips safely stuck in the lid while you do your trail side wrenching. Plus, we threw in a small 5.5mm end wrench that will work for most applications that require a 5.5mm wrench.

    The inside of the container measures 125mm deep, by 73mm wide, so there is room for a variety of smaller hand tools, small screw containers, and other items you may need. Plus, the container features an awesome "EXPLORE" graphic on the side that gives the Trail Keg a striking appearance you will not find anywhere else.

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