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Spectrum S6340BL Brushless High-Voltage Low Profile Aluminum Servo

Discussion in 'News' started by GPS, Sep 21, 2018.

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    Spektrum™ high-voltage, brushless servos deliver dependable power and digital precision with amazing efficiency. Finely tuned electronics and software integrate with powerful brushless motor technology to offer ultra-powerful/ultra-fast heli performance more efficiently than servos with conventional motors. Heavy-duty servo lead-wire includes the convenience of a quick-release cable connection. The all-aluminum case provides the ultimate solution in durability and heat dissipation. Precision metal gears satisfy even the most critical heli pilot who wants hassle-free control.


    The Spektrum S6340BL uses this solid foundation to achieve its wicked-quick .07 second transit time and incredibly strong 241 oz-in torque rating, plus the peace-of-mind over-current and over-temperature protection offers. It’s a brilliant feature combination that, along with its low-profile size, makes it an outstanding servo choice for any driver who wants precision control in a 1/10-scale sport or racing vehicle.

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