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Recommend battery for some rc beginner crawlers

Discussion in 'Crawlers' started by Flora, Oct 18, 2017.

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    I can assure you that each of these crawlers are good enough to make it into our list. and these are both crawlers for beginners.

    ImageCrawler NameScaleWeightRadio
    [​IMG]RedCat Racing Everest1/1011 pounds2.4
    [​IMG]Exceed RC MadTorque1/815 pounds2.4
    [​IMG]Vaterra 01003 Slickroth1/186.5 pounds2.4
    [​IMG]1/8th MadTorque RC Crawler1/82 pounds2.4
    [​IMG]1/10th Scale Exceed RC1/109.5 pounds2.4
    [​IMG]Exceed RC 1/8th Mad Torque (Blue)1/82 pounds2.4

    But what battery for these cars? Maybe tattu 5200 2s or 3s , or 2200 3s 25C for your choice.
    Someone say the 5200 mah 2s 15C~30C C-rate is too low, It is not for professional, but for bashers or beginners, it is more than enough, Ni-mh is much lower than 15c, 15c 5200mah lipo at 18.99$.The best deal!. Next week (end of the October) will be free shipping. It's picture of TATTU 5200mah 2s 15C~30C with EVEREST 1/10 as follows.

    5200 2S11.jpg

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