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All-in-one HD FPV video transmission system with fantastic latency and range

Discussion in 'AP/FPV' started by GPS, May 18, 2016.

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    A Complete System
    Depending on requirements you can choose a complete glass to glass system with custom HD camera, a 10" display and the best latency possible, or decide to use your own HDMI input and output devices.

    The transmitter is only 63x38 millimetres, smaller than a credit card and just slightly bigger than your standard analog video transmitter. Weight ranges from 38 grams for the bare transmitter to around 75 grams for transmitter, antenna and camera. A Step-Down regulator is included to allow direct connection with a 3S to 6S battery avoiding external bulky voltage regulators.

    Modular Design
    The transmitter is composed of three interchangeable boards. They are for video input and power regulation, video processing and RF transmission. They can be upgraded individually, for example changing video transmission frequency. Three RF transmission boards are in the work, for 900 MHz, 2.4 and 5.8 GHz.

    Very Low Latency
    As of today glass to glass latency is just under 80 milliseconds. As a reference, the video output latency of a GoPro running at 30fps is 90ms, and that doesn't account for transmission and display delays. If your application is anything other than proximity FPV flying, a 80ms glass to glass latency is really unnoticeable. If you race quads for a living, we have plans to bring that below 50ms.

    Solid Long Range Link
    Fpv.Red has nothing to envy to analog links when talking about range and interference recovery. Several transmission modes are selectable directly from your RC Radio, to control how long it should take for the receiver to reconstruct a complete image with no reference data. This allows for extreme flexibility with just the flip of a switch. The video below shows a test several kilometres away, where a turn back was forced by the short range of the UHF control link, while the HD video link was still perfect.


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